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Fishbane on Nehemiah 8

Source: Michael Fishbane’s Biblical Interpretation in Ancient Israel (New York: Oxford, 1988) 110-111. In my post, Apologetics, Shamar, I write: “Nehemiah 8:14-15: ‘And they found it written in the law, which the LORD had commanded by Moses, that the people … Continue reading

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Blind and Deaf, Mischievous Rabbis, Tolerant Rabbis

The source for this post is Discoveries in the Judean Desert X. I’m not in the mood to look up all of the bibliographic information right now. The part I read concerns Miksat Maasei Ha-Torah. Here are a few things … Continue reading

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Sophists, Socrates, Morality

Source: Sarah Broadie, “The Sophists and Socrates,” The Cambridge Companion to Greek and Roman Philosophy, ed. David Sedley (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2003) 73-97. I don’t know this chapter cold, so there will be some gaps in this. High school … Continue reading

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