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Why Chief Girardi Has Problems with God

On Joan of Arcadia, Joan asks her dad, Will Girardi, if he believes in God. Will responds that his parents continually tried to shove religion down his throat, but he always wondered something: Why’s God beat up on him, when … Continue reading

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A Disappointing God in Joan of Arcadia

Believe it or not, I watched ten episodes of Joan of Arcadia yesterday. I did other things while I was watching it–schoolwork, weekly quiet time reading, etc.–but I spent a lot of time with those characters. I’m used to them … Continue reading

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Let’s Get an Investigation Going!

The AP has a story, Goalie hurt by Palin walkway. It wasn’t her fault! Pick, pick, pick. People will probably tell me I’m overreacting, and it’s just a story about something interesting that happened. I’m sorry–the media have nitpicked Sarah … Continue reading

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Kristina Chew and ABFH on John McCain’s Autism Policy

I’m composing this here because I usually sound more rational when I’m writing on my own blog. It makes me actually have to look at what a person is saying as I formulate my response. When I reply to people … Continue reading

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Pakistan’s Starting to Step Forward…Finally

The AP has an article this morning, Pakistan troops capture militant stronghold, commander says. Bush seems to be doing something right. Sure, Pakistan doesn’t like us striking at militant hideouts in its country, but at least it’s encouraging the Pakistanis … Continue reading

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NYT on Palin’s Early Years

This is a pretty good article, so I’m putting it here to have access to it. My bookmarks are pretty crowded! “Little-Noticed College Student to Star Politician“By MONICA DAVEY“To many who knew a young Sarah Palin, the woman onstage at … Continue reading

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