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Oh Yeah…the Internal Feast

I just remembered what I was going to write for the last day of the Feast–not the Last Great Day, which is tomorrow, but Day 7. I read on one blog–it may have been J’s, or XHWA’s—that Christians keep the … Continue reading

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FOT 2008, Day 7

Here are a few more Feast of Tabernacles memories. I was hoping to end this series with a shebang, but I may actually do so with a whimper. My last two posts were the meatiest in terms of actually discussing … Continue reading

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Fishbane Paper: Already Inspired

I’m somewhat pressed for time, so I may save some of my more exhaustive treatment of Fishbane for tomorrow. But I want to share something that relates to my Fishbane study as well as my daily quiet time on the … Continue reading

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Comps: Mishnah for the Future?

Source: Ben Zion Wacholder, Messianism and Mishnah: Time and Place in the Early Halakhah (Hebrew Union College, 1978). Wacholder’s thesis seems to be that many of the Mishnah’s laws were intended for the Messianic period, when the temple will be … Continue reading

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Avot in M. Nezikim

M.B. Lerner, “The Tractate Avot,” Literature of the Sages: First Part, ed. Shmuel Safrai (Philadelphia: Fortress, 1987) 273. In the Mishnah, the tractate Avot (“fathers”) appears in the division Nezikin (“damages”). Avot concerns such issues as oral Torah, ethics, and … Continue reading

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