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AP Article on Palin, Environmentalism

This is a pretty good article from the AP. It presents Sarah Palin as staunchly pro-development, yet it notes pro-environment things she has done (e.g., renewable energy, pollution reduction). Palin hometown a window into her environmentalism

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Fishbane on Mesopotamian Legal Exegesis

Book: Michael Fishbane’s Biblical Interpretation in Ancient Israel (New York: Oxford, 1988). In Fishbane Paper: Authoritative Law Code?, I referred to Michael Fishbane’s interaction with the idea that ancient Near Eastern law codes were not real laws for real life. … Continue reading

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Ben Sira’s View of the Afterlife

I finished Ben Sira last night. Something that many scholars point out is that Ben Sira didn’t really believe in an afterlife. He told his readers to enjoy the pleasures of life and the fruits of their labors, since they … Continue reading

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FOT 2008, Day 6

My posts yesterday, FOT 2008, Day 5 and An Addendum on God Working Things Out, had some Feast of Tabernacles themes: this life is a temporary dwelling, and we rely on God in the midst of it all. The temporary … Continue reading

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