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An Addendum on God Working Things Out

For my weekly quiet time, I listened to a sermon by Bob Davis on 1 Samuel 3. He said that, when he asks those who are truly close to the Lord if God ever failed them, they answered “no” without … Continue reading

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FOT 2008, Day 5

This will be somewhat of a wandering post, so be forewarned! One Feast of Tabernacles sermon that I remember was given by Ron Dart. I don’t entirely remember where it was–Florida? French Lick? Williamsburg? Kentucky? I’m not sure. But Ron … Continue reading

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Link on Neusner

I’m posting this link from Biblica because it may help me on my comps, so I want ready access to it: Neusner’s Theology of the Oral Torah, chapter 7

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Biden’s Three Letter Word

Joe Biden referred to a three letter word–J-O-B-S. And, yes, he spelled it out for us. It wouldn’t have been so bad if he said “three letter words–jobs–J-O-B.” But, no, he includes the S as a letter. Can you imagine … Continue reading

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