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What Really Concerns Me About Obama and Ayers

In the comments section of his post, She Doesn’t Speak For Me, BryanL says: “My opinion on Ayers is that what he did was a long time ago during a pretty crazy time of our country (the Vietnam war). He … Continue reading

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Fishbane Paper: A New Traditum

From my last post on Fishbane: “In Biblical Interpretation in Ancient Israel (New York: Oxford, 1988), Michael Fishbane presents a traditum-traditio model, in which a biblical author interprets an authoritative traditum.” Fishbane treats the traditum as a dominating presence with … Continue reading

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Presidential Debate 2 (2008)

These are my immediate reactions to the Presidential debate: Who made the better impression? I think Obama did. At first, McCain had more of a presence because he was using people’s names and walking around the room with apparent ease. … Continue reading

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