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Paper on IV Maccabees: Philo on Sports

I read the following in Philo’s Life of Moses II 211. The translation is from C.D. Yonge, The Works of Philo (United States: Hendrickson, 1993). “For this reason the all-great Moses thought fit that all who were enrolled in his … Continue reading

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Solomon vs. Ruth, or Maybe Esther

Joe Biden reminds me of Solomon, whereas I associate Sarah Palin with Ruth, or maybe Esther. Let me explain. I realize that comparing Joe Biden to Solomon is problematic, since Biden doesn’t always think before he speaks, violating several Solomonic … Continue reading

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W. Previews

I just watched some previews for Oliver Stone’s coming movie, W (see here). I was a little disappointed. I’m hoping for a thoughtful drama, one that expresses concern about his policies while still being somewhat sympathetic. Nixon comes to mind … Continue reading

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A Few More Points (On the VP Debate)

1. I liked it when Biden referred to advice the President of the Senate gave him way back. He informed Biden that conservative stalwart Jesse Helms had adopted a child in a wheelchair. I actually read that in a biography … Continue reading

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Reactions to VP Debate

People who read me religiously probably realize that I’ve had different thoughts about what Sarah Palin’s strategy should be. I’ve wanted her to be a policy wonk like Dick Cheney (see Challenges for Sarah Palin), and I thought she could … Continue reading

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