Palin Strategy: Attack Biden

The AP has an article about tonight’s debate, Palin’s new plan: Go after Biden. According to some in the Palin camp, Palin will attack Biden’s voting record and gaffes. Attacking the gaffes will be easy. But will she have enough of an understanding of Biden’s votes to attack them? And will Biden keep his cool, or will he lash back and come across as mean and condescending? We’ll see!

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5 Responses to Palin Strategy: Attack Biden

  1. Bryan L says:

    You know honestly I hope Biden takes the gloves off and just lays into her. I think more than anything it will show whether she is prepared to face world leaders who don’t care about offending the woman vote. I mentioned the possible Biden strategy to some women at my work and they thought it was stupid to handle her lightly. They asked rhetorically whether a world leader was going to handle her gently with gloves. I had to agree.

    I say let her have it. If women get offended by the way he treats a woman… like he would a man then that’s their problem. Honestly I think the only women who are going to get offended are the women who weren’t going to vote for Obama anyway so big deal.

    BTW I don’t think she will have enough of an understanding of Biden’s record. Heck she doesn’t even know enough about her own running mate’s record and positions. She may try to latch on to a vote or something he’s said here or there but he’ll easily be able to give context and bring up his actual record.

    I think I’m gonna get some popcorn for the debate. It should be a good show.

    Bryan L


  2. Anonymous says:

    I’m not sure I believe the report. The traditional role of the VP candidate in the debate is to attack the top of the ticket on the other side.



  3. James Pate says:

    Yeah, maybe if he laid into her, she’d lay right back into him and leave him speechless. That’s what I’ve been hoping for (though I’m not sure if I should expect that).


  4. Russell Miller says:

    Well, I have the benefit of hindsight, but even before the debate I would have thought her laying into him would be improbable at best.


  5. James Pate says:

    Yeah, she tried somewhat by mentioning something Biden said on clean coal, but that pretty much evaporated.


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