So What?

Michelle Malkin has an article, A debate “moderator” in the tank for Obama, which shows that Gwen Ifill is an Obama supporter. Gwen will moderate Thursday’s Vice-Presidential debate.

My question: “So what?” Most of the news media are liberal. That’s just the way it is. Dick Cheney could handle her. I hope Palin does too.

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2 Responses to So What?

  1. Anonymous says:

    The constant liberal bias at PBS is highly irritating while they claim to be politically objective.

    Obama supporter Ifill shows herself to be not very talented or insightful on PBS. She probably couldn’t make it on commercial television in her own right. Better choices than her to moderate the VP debates are there. No need to have another closet liberal up there to throw the debates.

    The Lehrer PBS coverage of the conventions was as boring and liberally biased as usual.


  2. James Pate says:

    Yeah, I don’t watch PBS much myself. It’s boring. And I’m not the type who needs lots of flash and glamor for my news, since I actually like C-Span and NPR (though the latter is not always balanced).


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