One More Paul Newman Movie…

I forgot to mention this: Another Paul Newman movie I saw was Exodus. I liked the soundtrack, but the movie somewhat bored me. But I was young when I saw it, so I’d probably appreciate it a lot more now. One scene I remember is where Paul Newman is giving this hot blond journalist a tour of Palestine, and he asks her if she knows her Bible. He then tells her the story of Deborah on Mount Tabor, which is where they are in the scene. If memory serves me correctly, he then said something like “this land is mine.” It was a powerful Zionist scene, since it illustrates that the Jews have a lot of history and heritage in that land.

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6 Responses to One More Paul Newman Movie…

  1. Izgad says:

    I agree with with. The movie Exodus was quite dull. Paul Newman, though, did a good job. The original Leon Uris novel on the other hand is a great read. It is exciting and has a lot of action. They need to do a remake of the film.


  2. James Pate says:

    That’s what my mom said–the book Exodus is really good. At my Indiana home, I have a book that has three Leon Uris novels: Exodus, QB VII (I may have the number wrong), and another one.


  3. steph says:

    I never saw the movie. The book Exodus was a turning point in my life. It led me back to university again a long time after doing music and education. Leon Uris’ and James Mitchener’s novels inspired me to study religions, anthropology, psychology, politics and all the exciting things of life. To Exodus in particular and then “The Source” (James M) I am eternally grateful…


  4. Anonymous says:

    I believe the other novel in that book is Trinity. The Haj is also good. I read Exodus the first time almost 40 years ago and it remains a favorite. Like Steph, it inspired me in my field, as well. And I would always recommend Michener’s books to my history students who complained that history was “dull”. The ones who took my advice ended up actually more interested in history, overall. Janice (aka “Mom”).


  5. James Pate says:

    Yeah, personally I can’t imagine reading entire books on Alaska and Hawaii, but if they interest even people who aren’t interested in history, maybe they’re worth a shot.


  6. Izgad says:

    I was really into James Mitchner back when I was in high school. The ones that I would most recommend are Space and Drifters.


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