A Good Palin Interview

Many people don’t believe me when I say that Governor Sarah Palin can give a good interview. Here’s an example of one she gave on CNBC, before she was tapped as McCain’s VP candidate. She speaks about energy, addressing how drilling in ANWR will not hurt the environment, since drilling in Alaska hasn’t hurt the caribou thus far. She also talks about Joe Biden. She’s quick. She’s glib. She’s clear and articulate. She’s armed with facts. She knows candidates’ records on energy issues.

I hope this is the Sarah Palin we see in the October 4 debate. Why don’t we see her that often? BryanL may be right when he says that she doesn’t want to misspeak and hurt the McCain campaign. I wonder if we’re seeing a repeat of 1988, when people on Bush’s staff were keeping Dan Quayle on a tight leash, treating him like he was a little kid. That’s why he was so robotic in the 1988 debate! But when he got to be himself in 1992, he was an attack-dog! Maybe McCain’s aides need to let Sarah be herself.


Sarah Palin Interview on Energy, Drilling, Joe Biden

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