Shower Thoughts

I just took my third hot shower for the day. Here are some thoughts I had while I was there:

1. When conservatives point out that Obama receives money from special interests, liberals will fire back that McCain does too. Fair enough! No politician should be above scrutiny.

But who was the one who suggested that both Presidential candidates receive public financing? And who initially agreed to that, only to back out? Doesn’t that show who actually wants to be a part of the solution, as opposed to who only runs his mouth?

2. I have a good idea for a Presidential candidate: Catherine Hicks! She’s solidly pro-life. And she can be a real attack dog on 7th Heaven, yet an attack dog with conviction. I wouldn’t want to cross Annie Camden any day of the week! Anyone up for a “Draft Catherine in 16” (assuming the Republicans win the next two elections)?

I may do a write-up on the Palin interview tonight. Or I may save that for tomorrow. See you sometime, either way!

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7 Responses to Shower Thoughts

  1. steph says:

    By pro life, do you believe a mother must be willing to lose her life in childbirth or a girl pregnant from a brutal rape or incests, must go through with the pregnancy and childbirth? The more I hear this hardline version the more pro choice I become.


  2. Heavens to Murgetroid says:

    James! Three hot showers a day is not very energy efficient. Are you obcessive/compulsive??? Or just a dirty guy? 🙂


  3. James Pate says:

    Naah, I just have a cold! Trying to air out those sinuses.


  4. James Pate says:

    What hardline version, Steph? Palin supports an exception for the life of the mother, McCain for rape and incest.


  5. steph says:

    I know a few Americans who don’t accept abortion in any case including incest, rape and death of the mother and I also know a few Americans who still say they are pro life and do accept abortion in those three cases. I call the former hardline and I am with the latter but would not exclude a few more exceptional cases which I can’t predict. I thought Palin was completely hardline but I am still surprised, despite her single allowance, that she would expect one of her younger daughters to complete a full term pregnancy if it was the product of a brutal rape. I didn’t realise McCain doesn’t value the mother’s life. I thought he was more compassionate on the abortion issue.

    You need a sauna not a shower – you’ll be more likely to catch a chill. Saying that though, I never give up swimming when I have a cold – I just swim more and shower longer trying to wash the groggy cold away.


  6. James Pate says:

    No, actually McCain supports the exception for the life of the mother. I should have put “also.”

    Thanks for the advice on the cold. I don’t have a sauna, but my dad in Indiana does.


  7. steph says:

    I nearly agree with McCain on that then. But he still isn’t in favour of sex education and doesn’t have a plan to prevent back street abortions.

    Your father has a sauna?! I don’t but there is one I can visit at the pool where I swim. In England I used to use the one at the pool the whole time because I got so many colds.


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