Cold Update, Clinton on View, Michelle Obama, "Sean"

Here’s what’s new:

1. I’m in the stopped-up, feeling-weak stage of my cold. My sinuses are no longer draining. You can probably tell from my last IV Maccabees post that I don’t feel like exerting myself too much tonight.

2. Bill Clinton will be on the View this coming Monday. I’m sure they’ll gush all over him! And I doubt that Elizabeth will be an attack dog on that episode, since, well, it’s harder to criticize someone when he or she is actually right there. She wasn’t much of an attack dog when Barack Obama was on. I predict with confidence that Clinton will get better treatment than McCain got. And, regardless of whatever jealousy I may have towards Bill Clinton, I’ll get to observe how the master interacts with women. But I won’t do anything immoral–I promise!

3. This is probably too late, but I’m mad at Michelle Obama for her “for the first time in my life I’m proud of America” remark. Why’s she proud of America? Because a large number of its citizens are supporting Barack for President? How narcissistic can you be? There are many good things about America, and they have nothing to do with Barack Obama. I hope a Obama Presidency doesn’t imitate the eight years of Clintonian narcissism.

4. I noticed that Sarah Palin didn’t use Sean’s name over and over last night. I felt she used Charlie Gibson’s name too much in her interview with him. Others had the same reaction! But she only used Sean’s name once.

I may do a write-up tonight or tomorrow on the second part of Sarah’s interview with Sean. Stay tuned!

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18 Responses to Cold Update, Clinton on View, Michelle Obama, "Sean"

  1. steph says:

    I can appreciate Michelle. For the first time in my life I respect America for the support it is giving Obama. It is not narcissistic. It is not Michelle they are supporting, it is Barrack. If Barrack had said it, yes, but not Michelle.


  2. Pascalian Awakenings says:

    Yes, I’m still mad about that statement. I’m proud of my country every time I vote…seriously. I can remember walking away from the voting booth with that little label that says, “I Vote” and being proud of the U.S.A. It is an honor to live in a country where we get to express how we feel. It is a pity that so many take it for granted. Thinking about what a privilege it is honestly makes me a little misty.

    She did not just say it once; she said it twice (once with “really”). Then she has said that America is a downright mean country. There might be some mean people, but overall this is a great country and the people are giving and compassionate. In my life, I’ve met far more good people than mean people.

    We live in a wonderful country, and we should be thankful.


  3. Mr. Scribe says:

    Barrack is an elitist. One step away from a fascist. So is Armstrongism.

    From Wikipedia:
    Attributes that identify an elite vary; personal achievement “may not be essential.” As a term “Elite” usually describes a person or group of people who are members of the uppermost class of society. Personal attributes commonly purported by elitist theorists to be characteristic of the elite include:

    * Rigorous study of, or great accomplishment within, a particular field.
    * A long track record of competence in a demanding field
    * An extensive history of dedication and effort in service to a specific discipline (e.g., medicine or law)
    * A high degree of accomplishment, training or wisdom within a given field

    Obama fits not the criteria of the elitist through 1)great accomplishment within, a particular field
    2) A long track record of competence in a demanding field.(None) How many years experience in the Senate?
    3)A high degree of accomplishment, training or wisdom within a given field. (None)

    And now this: “extensive history of dedication and effort in service to a specific discipline.”
    (Yes, he has dedicated a lot of time to radicals that want to socialize the USA.)

    Obama is an elitist “An elite individual assumes special privileges and responsibilities in the hope that this arrangement will benefit humanity.”
    The socialist Obama that knows what is best for America. Take away freedoms and replace them with the socialist agenda.


  4. James Pate says:

    Yeah, Yvette, and she said we’ll become a mean country if we don’t elect Barack. It’s like she sees the Obamas as the center of the universe.

    Welcome, Mr. Scribe. I’m not against achievement, but (like you) I do have problems with liberal elitism that assumes an elite knows better how to run people’s lives and spend their money than they do. And that fits Armstrongism, which took 30 percent of people’s income.


  5. steph says:

    While Obama would prevent the rich from being selfish and exploitation, and help alleviate the burdens of the poor, McCain would assume he knows how other countries should be run and spend billions of American dollars on invading them and forcing “democracy” on them. All politicians are elitist. NASA is elitist. Religious people are elitist. Militant atheists are elitist. They assume if other people don’t believe as they do, they must be wrong.

    Obama will make a great President of the United States.


  6. James Pate says:

    Yeah, that’s why Ron Paul opposes big government and an interventionist foreign policy: he views both as elitist acts of over-reaching by the American government.

    But even you have acknowledged, Steph, that Obama’s not exactly an isolationist. What makes you think he’ll have a “hands-off” approach to other countries?


  7. steph says:

    I’m glad you are not a diplomat for America, James.


  8. steph says:

    and by the way i never said he’d have a hands off approach – that’s the problem isn’t it? whoever gets in still has to meddle. The only consolation in Obama for the rest of the world is that he is less likely to do it with bombs than McCain. it’s folks like you, who like your government, have an elitist attitude towards other countries, who make the rest of the world resent America.


  9. James Pate says:

    Obama’s suggested bombing parts of Pakistan. And, yeah, maybe he won’t bomb Iran: he’ll just let Iran get the bomb so it can bomb other people.


  10. James Pate says:

    And BTW, Steph, who exactly made you the spokesperson for “the rest of the world”?


  11. steph says:

    Oh I am not a spokesman but I reflect common opinion. If you take notice of media and opinion outside America you might realise that people in commonwealth countries generally, resent America’s imperialistic agenda. But I’ll retire from reading this blog – neither of us is being very pleasant and I have better things to do.


  12. Anonymous says:

    A few points:
    1. No one person or group can represent everyone in 53 nations, just as no one person, or group, can represent everyone in the United States of America.
    2. That said, I, too, am proud to be an American–but I am NOT proud of everything done in the NAME of America. Big difference.
    3. “Common opinion” in both countries is largely articulated and controlled by the media.
    4. Unfortunately, everything about any person in public life, as well as those surrounding that person, is under a media spotlight. What Michelle Obama said, for right or wrong, to some people could be considered to be reflective of the Obamas as a couple (the “power behind the throne” thing). Same for the other sides. Freedom of the press is a precious right; however, because all of our candidates or potential candidates have to walk on eggshells, sometimes the real issues are clouded. Again, this goes for both sides. Actually, for all sides because there are a lot more “sides” than just the two.
    5. America certainly isn’t the only country guilty of imperialism…Western civilization as a whole has always been imperialistic. Great Britain was imperialistic. Rome was imperialistic. Power creates an imperialistic mindset. America is not the first civilization to be “guilty” of imperialism, nor will it be the last.
    6. I hope James and Steph never meet in person. It might cause another world war (:


  13. James Pate says:

    You’re probably right, Anonymous. 😉

    I don’t think that we can always determine what citizens think by what the media say. The media in America don’t speak for me, for example.


  14. steph says:

    I don’t think so. I’m a pacifist. If I met him I would walk away. Mind you, he’d probably shoot me in the back. Perhaps James should visit the commonwealth countries to get a proper impression of what we think. Within the commonwealth we know how opinion pans out. New Zealand isn’t imperialist – it doesn’t act as policeman to the rest of the world. Sure, not all American’s support the government but it is the government (and those who do support it) who are referred to as America by outsiders. American individuals are distinct from America


  15. steph says:

    Commonwealth countries are not 53 nations. We do know what general opinion here is. We have public conversation, opinion polls, we vote, we travel, we read. When the Australian and British governments joined Bush, nobody else did and instead these governments were met with massive public opposition. Even the American government understands foreign resentment, post WWII, of it. Why don’t you?


  16. James Pate says:

    No, I don’t think that everyone on the face of the earth resents us. Many of the Iraqis who voted like us. So do the people we helped free from Communism.

    What why’s New Zealand have anything against America, anyway? What did we ever do to her?


  17. Anonymous says:

    Well, excuse me Steph, I thought you actually meant the members of the Commonwealth of Nations, 53 in total…what DO you mean, then? And does the Unites States, liberal or conservative, really need to care what someone in NEW ZEALAND thinks?


  18. Anonymous says:

    I mean, really, NEW ZEALAND???!!!


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