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Paper: Plunder

I want to quote something from Jacob Milgrom’s The JPS Torah Commentary: Numbers (New York: Jewish Publication Society, 1990). This may come in handy when I write my (tentative) paper on the Temple Scroll’s interpretation of Numbers 31:25ff. “Divine decree … Continue reading

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Paper: IV Maccabees

These are rough notes for a paper I’m writing on 4 Maccabees (for a class). IV Maccabees 4:19-21 states: “Jason changed the nation’s way of life and altered its form of government in complete violation of the law, so that … Continue reading

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Random Palin Thoughts

Here are some random thoughts about Sarah Palin: 1. Troopergate. Sean Hannity said today that Walt Monegan denied that Sarah Palin dismissed him for not firing her ex-brother-in-law, Mike Wooten. Palin said the same thing in her interview with Charlie … Continue reading

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