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Older and Younger People

I’m reading through Asperger Syndrome and Alcohol: Drinking to Cope?, by Matthew Tinsley and Sarah Hendrickx. It’s a short book, but I may take a while to get through it. I just read a chapter last night, primarily because it … Continue reading

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No King in Israel

I finished my weekly quiet time on the Book of Judges yesterday, and I’ll be going on to Ruth this coming Saturday. One line that intrigues me is the final verse of Judges: “In those days there was no king … Continue reading

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Reagan and Clinton’s Advice

In my post, Bill Clinton’s Advice to Barack Obama, I said that “the Republicans pretty much use the same strategy in every election: call their opponent a liberal, say the Democrat will raise taxes, bring up some scandals, and repeat … Continue reading

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Bill Clinton’s Advice to Barack Obama

This is a really good article, and I’m no fan of Bill Clinton. You have to wonder how this Democrat won two terms, while other Democrats have a hard time even getting the Presidency. And the Republicans pretty much use … Continue reading

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Well, As If I Need Convincing…

…this smug, snide, condescending editorial from the New York Times puts me in the McCain/Palin camp for sure. Gov. Palin’s Worldview It just baffles me how the liberal media love to talk down to people. It says McCain has insulted … Continue reading

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