Coming Hannity Interview with Governor Palin

Next week, conservative commentator Sean Hannity will be interviewing Governor Sarah Palin here in Cincinnati. I’m not sure if he’s going to do so on his radio show in front of a live audience, since this interview will appear on Hannity and Colmes. Usually, those aren’t done in public.

I don’t think that Governor Palin should appear only on this show. She should also go on Meet the Press. One problem yesterday was that she said she never denied that humans contribute to global warming, when there are quotes that indicate otherwise. On Meet the Press, those quotes would appear on the screen, and Palin would have to confront them.

But I think going on Hannity’s show will be a good thing–for her and for us. She won’t be as nervous as she was last night, and she will have more of an opportunity to share with the American public. Hannity won’t grill her in a hostile manner, but he may ask her for clarification on the Bridge to Nowhere and global warming. I don’t know. It will be interesting to watch!

A lot of people will dismiss this interview because it’s done by a staunch conservative who lauds Sarah Palin. Don’t blow it off so easily! Hannity’s interviews can be quite informative. Do you remember when Arnold Schwarzenegger was first running for governor of California, and people were criticizing him for not making clear where he stood on the issues? Arnold’s earpiece seemed to go out right when he got a tough question! But he came on Hannity’s radio show, and Hannity asked him point-blank what his stances were on various issues. And Arnold gave clear answers.

Sometimes, people will tell their friends things that they won’t tell their enemies. Maybe it has to do with the relaxed atmosphere! But I think we’ll learn a lot more about Sarah Palin this coming Tuesday and Wednesday, on Hannity and Colmes.

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