Palin, the Media, and the Bridge

I’d like to add something to my last post, Barack vs. Palin. I’m listening to NPR right now (McCain, Palin Campaign In Ohio), and the anchors are asking if Sarah Palin is continuing to assert that she killed the Bridge to Nowhere, after major news outlets have pointed out that her claim is not entirely true. The answer is that she’s doing precisely that, and the McCain campaign released a statement that she will continue to do so.

Even though I’d like to see Palin address that charge, a major part of me is shouting “Way to go, Sarah!” for how she’s handling the whole situation. The media are like, “Well, certainly she should revise her story. After all, have not we pointed out that it is wrong?” But Sarah Palin doesn’t give a rip what the elitist media think. She’ll tell the story as she sees fit!

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3 Responses to Palin, the Media, and the Bridge

  1. steph says:

    We find it quite odd down here that Repubs are accusing Dems and media of elitism. It’s as though if said often enough, people will believe it. We too are approaching a national election in November. If a candidate refuses to speak to media, we don’t congratulate them, we demand that they do and if they don’t we accuse them of contempt towards us the people. It happened with one politician recently and he rightly got little sympathy from the public. I think Palin is scared to tell the truth.
    Isn’t she talking to ABC sometime soon? Until I hear her speaking uncoached and unscripted I can’t believe her. And I can’t trust her when her public speaking so far seems so saturated with sarcasm.


  2. James Pate says:

    Thanks, Yvette. I’ll merge that link and what Steph said in my next post.


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