Governor Palin Has Spoken

Governor Sarah Palin has just introduced herself to the American people. Immediately after her speech, I switched from C-Span to CNN so I could see what a liberal network had to say. The announcer there affirmed that she hit a home run. Then, I switched to MSNBC, and Chris Matthews remarked that Palin was nothing like Hillary Clinton, despite attempts to posit that McCain selected her to appeal to Hillary voters. Matthews continued to state that she launched a cultural defense of small town America and was a torpedo against the Obama-Biden campaign.

Anti-elitism played a big role at the convention this evening. I think that Rudy Giuliani was the right choice to give the keynote address. I got hysterical when he said, “I’m sorry that Barack Obama doesn’t think Sarah Palin’s town is ‘cosmopolitan’ enough…Maybe it’s the type of town that clings to religion and guns!” My quote doesn’t do justice to how he said it!

Although I lavished praise on Sarah Palin when John McCain selected her, part of me thought that she came across as a shallow cheerleader type with an annoying, high-pitched voice. But she didn’t project that image at all in her speech. She had poise. She spoke with knowledge and conviction. She came across as just a regular person–as a mom, or an aunt, or a concerned citizen. And I just loved her sarcasm against Obama and Biden.

This will be an interesting race!

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4 Responses to Governor Palin Has Spoken

  1. Anonymous says:

    Yeah! I’m one of those people who weren’t going to vote at all till McCain signed Palin up. I was literally stunned, shocked and excited! Now I’m voting and telling everyone I know to vote for McCain.


  2. James Pate says:

    I agree, Anonymous. I was thinking of going for Bob Barr, even though I wasn’t totally satisfied with him. But Palin really delivered last night. It will be interesting to see how she does in more spontaneous situations. But I think she’ll do well.


  3. FT says:

    Give ’em hell Sarah!!! CNN’s treatment of this woman is just simply trashy, disguisting and reeks of their liberal bias. Sarah Palin is not going away anytime soon—win or lose. I believe she will be president someday (I pray to God that she will be the first woman president—not Hillary in 2012), McCain just made her a rising star. We need more politicians of her defiant style—not ones who want to be “nice” to the media establishment. This is truly going to be an exciting race.


  4. James Pate says:

    Hi Felix,

    I didn’t watch CNN’s coverage that long. I know that MSNBC was trying to present her speech as rather bitter–even though they couldn’t stick with that totally, since it didn’t exactly come across as a diatribe. I like what an AP story said–she was like Reagan. She could criticize her opponents, while maintaining a pleasant, down-to-earth quality.


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