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Biblical Studies Carnival XXXIII

T. Michael Halcomb has the Biblical Studies Carnival over at Pisteuomen: see Biblioblogs Carnival XXXIII. I like it because it talks about more than the same five-or-so blogs that usually make the carnival. Many of these are blogs that I … Continue reading

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My 50th Post for the Month

I’m writing this so I’ll have 50 posts for this month. Here are some ideas for the coming week: 1. Were the Maccabees descended from Aaron? I read in the Catholic Study Bible that they were not. We know that … Continue reading

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Maccabees and the Substitutionary Atonement

II Maccabees somewhat hints at a doctrine of substitutionary atonement, in which a righteous person endures God’s wrath in place of sinners. And IV Maccabees explicitly states it. In II Maccabees, God punishes Israel for adopting Greek customs (II Maccabees … Continue reading

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The Waltons: Let It Go!

I’m not sure what season I’m in for the Waltons. I taped some of these episodes out of order. Last week, I watched Mary Ellen’s wedding to a country doctor. Today, Mary Ellen doesn’t even want to get married. One … Continue reading

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More on Maccabees and Theodicy

In my post, Theodicy and Maccabees, I talked about the bad things that happen to good people in I-II Maccabees. One such incident was the death of Judah the Maccabee in battle. I said the following: “Moreover, God doesn’t always … Continue reading

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