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Theodicy and Maccabees

This post will be an example of James’ Thoughts and Ramblings, but it will have some good stuff. I promise. In II Kings 23:29, the righteous king Josiah is killed by Pharaoh Neco of Egypt. The Chronicler had a problem … Continue reading

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The Democratic National Convention

The Democratic National Convention starts tonight in Denver. I said in my post, It’s My Blog’s Birthday!, that the Democratic conventions don’t thrill me as much as the Republican ones. I’m sure this puzzles a lot of people, including yours … Continue reading

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Maccabees and Suicide

I’m doing my Maccabees quiet time in a rather ad hoc fashion. When I was reading the books from the Jewish-Protestant canon, I’d read a chapter or a section and then pray about it for an hour (or at least … Continue reading

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Alliances in I Maccabees: Good or Bad?

In I Maccabees 12:8-10, we read the following: “Onias welcomed the envoy with honor, and received the letter, which contained a clear declaration of alliance and friendship. Therefore, though we have no need of these things, since we have as … Continue reading

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The Law: Battle-Guide for the Maccabees

I started my daily quiet time in I Maccabees today. I began by reading through the entire book. For other books of the Bible, I already have a rough idea of what they say, and I read them to see … Continue reading

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It’s My Blog’s Birthday!

One year ago today, I created James’ Thoughts and Musings. See Hello! I Can Create a Blog! for my very first post. So why did I give my first post that title? Because I didn’t know creating a blog was … Continue reading

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My True Self, Universalism

In George MacDonald’s The Baron’s Apprenticeship, a bookbinder named Richard discovers he’s the son of a baron. The baron is a sordid fellow, who embraces Richard just to make his second wife mad by disowning her children as potential heirs. … Continue reading

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