Palin on the Environment

While I’m on my Palin-kick, there are a few more things that I want to note. This post is about the environment. Those who were sitting on the edges of their seats waiting for my next Maccabees post, relax! I plan to post on Maccabees tomorrow, or Sunday.

I said in McCain’s Running Mate that Palin is concerned about climate change and greenhouse emissions. In a way, that’s true. Let me post a link to an article before some liberal deletes it from wikipedia: State aims to reduce emissions. At the same time, she expressed doubt to Newsmax that global warming is man-made: See Palin Speaks to Newsmax About McCain, Abortion, Climate Change.

I’m not sure how she reconciles the two. Maybe she wants to move in the direction of less dependence on oil. Liberals are making her out to be a drill-nut, and, while she does support drilling in ANWR (and rightfully so), she’s all for alternative sources of fuel. The documented wikipedia article states (at least at the present moment):

“In March 2007, Palin presented the Alaska Gasline Inducement Act (AGIA) as the new legal vehicle for building a natural gas pipeline from the state’s North Slope.[34] ” And Palin overlaps with Barack Obama on this issue (see here). Naturally so, since energy is a social justice concern. As Palin has noted, there are many Alaskans who must choose between feeding their families and heating their homes, and this should not be so (see here).

Where the Left has been dishonest is in its attack on Palin as a “wolf-killer.” Here’s a quote from the wikipedia article:

“In 2007, Palin agreed with the Alaska Department of Fish and Game to allow Alaska state biologists to hunt wolves from helicopters as part of a ‘predator control’ program which was allowed under a provision in a 35 year-old federal ban on the practice granting 700 permits to the state of Alaska.[41] The program was heavily criticized by Defenders of Wildlife and predator control opponents[41], and prompted California State Representative George Miller to introduce a federal bill making the practice illegal.[41]

Yep, she just hates wolves. She must have had a trauma as a child!

Actually, she implemented this policy because there are lots of wolves in certain areas, and they threaten the caribou and moose, which natives hunt for their subsistence (see here). She’s not a fanatic who wants to turn Alaska into a parking lot. She’s trying to preserve the circle of life!

Interestingly, I found more balanced articles on Palin this morning, when it was just announced that she was McCain’s VP pick. Now, I see that the radical Left has had time to inundate the Net with its stuff. For shame!

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2 Responses to Palin on the Environment

  1. ElShaddai Edwards says:

    There are going to be quite a few “astonishing” moments in the next few weeks/months when the mainstream media is forced to confront how different the mindset is in Alaska from anywhere else in the country. For many, if not most, true Alaskans, not the johnny-come-lately chechakos, it really is Alaska first, USA second (if at all).

    To have an Alaskan politician be on the ticket like this will turn heads up there upside down as the national media descends in search of the now-infamous “mooseburger”, nevermind any political dirt on Palin. I eagerly wait for the day when some crusty sourdough looks at the camera and says “get out of our state”, though surely not so politely.


  2. James Pate says:

    Hi ElShaddai,

    Yeah, I’m sure it’s an edgy state, like New Hampshire. Pat Buchanan won there in 1996.

    I wonder what a mooseburger tastes like. I love buffalo burgers.


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