McCain’s Running Mate

The AP has reported that John McCain has selected Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as his running mate. She is a solid conservative–pro-life, pro-marriage amendment, pro-fiscal restraint, and pro-drilling. Yet, she is balanced. She has crusaded against corruption, recognizes the dignity of gays and lesbians, and established a committee on climate change.

I’ve read things by liberals that say “McCain only chose her because she’s a woman.” Give me a break! They’re the people who always brag about how diverse they are. “The Democratic Party has a woman, an African-American, and a Latino running for President,” both Obama and Hillary said during the primaries. Yet, when President Bush or John McCain give women and minorities a shot, they’re accused of tokenism. Maybe the Republican Party is diverse, too, and not all women and minorities feel that the radical left speaks for them.

As far as her experience goes, that’s a concern of mine, but she appears to have gotten things done as governor. She got an ethics bill passed and killed the notorious Bridge to Nowhere, a symbol of pork-barrel spending. And she’s somewhat of an underdog. She won the Republican nomination for governor with little support from the party establishment, and she beat a Democratic incumbent who was vastly outspending her.

Plus, she’s not bad to look at.

I’m looking forward to seeing this lady pound that pompous jerk, Joe Biden, in the Vice-Presidential debates.

Way to go, John!

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