Joe Lieberman on Meet the Press

I feel a little brain-dead right now. I just had a nap. Right now, I’m listening to Meet the Press. John Kerry and Joe Lieberman are on. I love Joe Lieberman! I probably wouldn’t vote for him if he ran for President, since he’s somewhat of a liberal, albeit not as bad as some in Washington. But I just love the way that he lost the Democratic nomination for the U.S. Senate in Connecticut, then went on to win as an independent, even though the Clintons did not endorse him. That’s so cool! I like his independent streak. He’s siding with McCain, and he doesn’t give a rip what the Democratic Party establishment thinks. Joe’s like Sawyer on Lost, although he might initially strike people as a little milquetoast–or “mild-mannered,” to be more precise.

I’m in the mood for some Pac-Man! I’ll play that, then I’ll watch some more Lost episodes from Season 3. While I’m doing that, I’ll read more of this book on pantheism that I got from the library. Talk to you later!

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2 Responses to Joe Lieberman on Meet the Press

  1. FT says:

    I like Joe Liberman. Him along with Joe Biden (which I think who should be Barack’s running mate) is what I call sensible liberals. Enough of the touchy-feely, leave you mind at the door Democrats.


  2. James Pate says:

    Hi Felix,

    Yeah, they were discussing Biden on Meet the Press. One of the pundits said that the problem with putting Biden on the ticket is that he’s too experienced, and that could make Obama look bad. But, then again, that was George W’s approach: he picked a more experienced running mate, and he won.


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