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Luke 4: Jesus’ Temptation

In Luke 4, we read Luke’s story of Jesus’ temptation. It is similar to the temptation story in Matthew 4, only it presents the events in a different order. In Luke 4, Satan first tells Jesus to turn the stones … Continue reading

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Alexander Solzhenitsyn (December 11, 1918-August 3, 2008)

The AP has reported that the Nobel Prize winning Russian author Alexander Solzhenitsyn has died (see here). Solzhenitsyn was a solid anti-Communist, who wrote about his bad experiences in a Soviet labor camp. The book in which he did that … Continue reading

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A Chance to be Lost

Ron Dart was a minister in the Armstrongite Church of God, International (CGI) while I was growing up. I remember listening to a series of sermons that he gave on personal evangelism. In Part 3, he said that one way … Continue reading

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Joe Lieberman on Meet the Press

I feel a little brain-dead right now. I just had a nap. Right now, I’m listening to Meet the Press. John Kerry and Joe Lieberman are on. I love Joe Lieberman! I probably wouldn’t vote for him if he ran … Continue reading

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