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Joining God

In my post, Eschatological Inclusivism, I write: “The Bible often presents God acting and the church joining him in what he is doing. That differs somewhat from how many present witnessing–as doing God’s work for him, or, more precisely, as … Continue reading

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Eschatological Inclusivism

Does God depend entirely upon Christians to accomplish his work? This question enters my mind a lot when I think about witnessing. When I was at Harvard, I was reading the Book of Isaiah for my weekly quiet time. Isaiah … Continue reading

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Blood on Your Hands

Over the past few days, I’ve been blogging about Christian universalism, the belief that God will save everyone in the end. I’ve discussed this issue before, specifically when I interacted with Zondervan’s More Than One Way? Four Views on Salvation … Continue reading

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When God’s Love Becomes a Cliche

This will be my last post for today, then I’ll go watch the last episode of Lost, Season 1. I talked in my last post about how God’s unconditional love can motivate a person to witness. But is that always … Continue reading

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