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Jephthah Didn’t Have to Do It!

For my weekly quiet time last night, I was listening to a good sermon by Steve Mays entitled Ephraim’s Obnoxious Attitude. It was on Judges 11-12, the story of Jephthah. What was good about it was that Mays didn’t try … Continue reading

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Update on Resurrection Posts

I said that I just wrote my last resurrection post for a while. But I may write another one this coming week. The reason is that Steven Carr has gotten me to think about the composition of Jesus’ risen body. … Continue reading

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The Resurrection and Baptism

In the Resurrection Debate, atheist Steven Carr debates Christians John Twistleton and James Hollingsworth about the historicity of Jesus’ resurrection. As I indicated in my post, The Resurrection Debate: The Blog and Sources, I wasn’t too impressed by many of … Continue reading

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Tony Snow

Tony Snow has passed away. I didn’t watch him as much as I did Tim Russert, so his passing doesn’t have as great of an impact on me. But it’s still sad. I first saw Tony Snow on Crossfire, where … Continue reading

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