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The Holy Spirit and Metaphor

Felix Taylor posted Garner Ted Armstrong’s interaction with John Ankerberg (see Guess What I found on Youtube.com???). Right now, I want to comment on their discussion about the Trinity, specifically their disagreement over the Holy Spirit. According to Armstrong, the … Continue reading

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The Incarnation: Orthodoxy is Confusion!

Felix Taylor of Post-WCG Life and Theology has a great post, Guess What I found on Youtube.com???. Felix found the episode of The John Ankerberg Show in which Ankerberg interviews religious teacher Garner Ted Armstrong. So far, I’ve watched the … Continue reading

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St. Francis of Assisi and the Three Robbers

From Victor Kuligin’s Ten Things I Wish Jesus Never Said: “[C]onsider the example of St. Francis of Assisi (1182-1226), founder of the Franciscan order of begging monks. Brother Angelo had become the guardian of the Convent of Monte Casale at … Continue reading

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