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Another View on Judges 8

I often submit my blog posts to Helium, a web site for wannabe writers (like yours truly). You can write an article under a topic that’s already on the Helium site, and that will get it published immediately. Well, I … Continue reading

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Gideon, Dr. Dobson, and Darth Vader

Gideon’s name means “hacker.” And that’s what Gideon did–he hacked at idolatry in Israel. Maybe he got that name after he tore down the altar of Baal (Judges 6:25-27). Or perhaps his name is a literary device, in that the … Continue reading

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Dr. Dobson and the System

I’ve talked on this blog before about Doc Love, a dating guru whose advice has helped many. He has a dating technique called “The System,” which is based on three C’s: confidence, (self-) control, and challenge. For Doc, women generally … Continue reading

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Go Joe!

The AP has a story today, Lieberman’s public criticism of Obama irks Democrats. Basically, the only public criticism the article mentions is what follows: “Lieberman has wasted no time in questioning Obama’s positions on Iran and Israel, two topics on … Continue reading

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