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What?!! J.C.! Armstrong!

The AP has a story, Black conservatives conflicted on Obama campaign. I’m not overly surprised that, say, Colin Powell is thinking of voting for Obama. But J.C. Watts and Armstrong Williams? These guys are about as conservative as you can … Continue reading

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My Struggle with This Blog

I’m genuinely interested in some feedback on this. In April of this year, I did a post entitled, Matthew 12:22-37: Blasphemy Against the Holy Spirit. Basically, I argued that blasphemy against the Holy Spirit seems to involve words, not just … Continue reading

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Tim Russert (May 7, 1950-June 13, 2008)

Meet the Press is often a big part of my weekly routine. I attend church on Sunday morning, then I come home. In the afternoon, I go to my computer and visit the Meet the Press web site. I click … Continue reading

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