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Has Tim Russert Really Died?

The AP has a news story: NBC’s Tim Russert dies of apparent heart attack (AP) I am really sad if this is true. I watch Meet the Press every Sunday. Tim Russert is a part of my weekly routine.

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The Stolen Body Rumor

Matthew 28:12-15 talks about a rumor that was circulating among Matthew’s Jewish contemporaries: that Jesus’ resurrection was a farce, since the disciples stole his body from the tomb while the Roman soldiers were asleep. The New Testament classes I’ve taken … Continue reading

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Christ at His Trials

At his trials before the priests and Pilate, Jesus did not say a word in his own defense (Matthew 27:12-13). He refused to answer his accusers. Was this good or bad? Shouldn’t Jesus have stood up for righteousness on that … Continue reading

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Different Religious Attitudes on God

I’m reading John Marks’ Reasons to Believe: One Man’s Journey Among the Evangelicals and the Faith He Left Behind, and it presents an interesting study about religious attitudes: “The most wide-ranging study on American faith came out in autumn 2006. … Continue reading

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