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ACTS in Prayer

I’m reading Victor Kuligin’s Ten Things I Wish Jesus Never Said. On some level, it’s like Hard Sayings of Jesus and Hard Sayings of the New Testament: it tries to explain away Jesus’ really difficult sayings (e.g., hate your parents, … Continue reading

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Where Do We Go From Here?

Last night, I was watching the Little House episode in which Mary went blind. Mary went to a school for the blind in Iowa, where she met Adam Kendall, her future husband. Adam tried to get her to stop feeling … Continue reading

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John the Baptist: Could Steph Be Right?

In my post, John the Baptist and Jesus, I had a discussion with Steph about whether or not John the Baptist proclaimed Jesus to be the Messiah. Steph argued that the synoptics do not present him doing so, and I … Continue reading

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Debbi Morgan

I was watching The Runaway on the Hallmark Channel last night, and it was about race in the 1949 South. It had Debbi Morgan on it (along with Maya Angelou and Dean Cain). I first saw Debbi Morgan on The … Continue reading

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Blindness and Asperger’s on TV

I’m watching the Little House on the Prairie in which Mary became blind. A few days ago, I watched the one in which her husband, Adam Kendall, regained his sight. On that one, Mary was supposed to be blind. Yet, … Continue reading

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Are God’s Words Absolute?

Many fundamentalists, evangelicals, and conservative Christians act like the Bible’s words are absolute, with no flexibility whatsoever. When they read that blasphemy against the Holy Spirit will not be forgiven, they take that to mean that it will never be … Continue reading

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Gay Man Challenges Gun Control

NPR has an excellent story today, NRA Seeks to Overturn Handgun Bans Beyond D.C. San Francisco has a ban on handguns in public housing, and that negatively affects a gay man, who owns a gun to protect himself from hate … Continue reading

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Storms Can’t Hurt the Sky

I finished Gabriel Cohen’s Storms Can’t Hurt the Sky: A Buddhist Path Through Divorce. Gabriel Cohen is a freelance journalist whose wife, “Claire” (not her real name), left him. He found solace in Buddhist lectures, which gave him the tools … Continue reading

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"Politicization" of the Justice Department

According to a recent Justice Department audit, the department deliberately rejected liberal or Democratic applicants because of their political positions. For the Justice Department, this kind of hiring practice is against the law, since it’s supposed to be politically independent. … Continue reading

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Is the Second Amendment Unlimited?

In my debates with liberals on gun control, they often point out that the Constitutional right to keep and bear arms is not unlimited, meaning that the government can and should place limits on it. Barack Obama actually said this … Continue reading

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