Hillary’s a Flip-Flopping Hypocrite

The AP has a good story this morning, entitled, “‘Last stand’ for Clinton at Democratic meeting “(see here). I haven’t been closely following the whole broo-ha-ha about the Michigan and Florida delegates, so I was happy that this article offered some background information.

A lot of you know the story. Florida and Michigan had primaries when they weren’t supposed to, so the Democratic Party punished them by not counting their delegates. In deference to Party authority, the Democratic candidates agreed not to campaign there. But Hillary got her name on the ballot and won. So, in desperation as she loses to Obama, she is saying that those votes should be counted. She’s even drawn a parallel between what the Democratic Party did and the uncounted votes in Florida during the controversial 2000 election.

Well, here’s the interesting part: According to the story, Hillary “originally backed the punishments handed to Florida and Michigan.” Was that when she was in the lead? Well, now that she’s struggling, she’s changed her tune. So she doesn’t really care about the voters of Florida, as she claims. All she’s interested in is her reputation or personal power. She wants to narrow the gap, or claim that she actually won the popular vote.

I probably won’t vote for Obama, but I am so happy that Hillary’s career is almost over. The boldness of her hypocrisy simply astounds me!

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3 Responses to Hillary’s a Flip-Flopping Hypocrite

  1. Pascalian Awakenings says:

    There has never been a candidate in my lifetime that I despise more than Barack Obama. I think even less of his bitter wife. He is everything he claims he isn’t. You don’t pretend to be a uniter, vote party-line virtually every time, and attend a hate-filled racist church. I’ve read enough Black Liberation Theology to see that Wright’s sermons are completely indicative of James Cones’ theology.

    When it comes to crossing party lines to work with others, both Clinton and McCain have a better record. Obama has just come up with some good tag lines, but there is nothing about his record that matches his rhetoric.

    Also, his support of infanticide, and McCain’s and Clinton’s votes against it make them both much more palatable.


  2. Pascalian Awakenings says:


    I am Hispanic. I officially began to detest him during the Nevada caucus. He campaigned on doing things differently and talked about how there needs to be a different kind of campaign. When an independent group of his supporters put out an ad that treated the Hispanic community like idiots, he did and said nothing. The Spanish ad claimed Clinton does not respect Hispanics and does not want working people to vote. Anyone with half a brain knows the Latino support of the Clintons and their involvement with Latinos for over three decades. I can’t think of ANYTHING Obama has done specifically for Hispanics. It is not as though Chicago is void of Hispanics. Both Edwards and Clinton denounced it. Edwards called Obama to denounce it, but he said nothing. So much for a different kind of politics.


    I called his campaign office, complained, and gave the young man I talked to my phone number for a reply. I received none. This one was personal. I would not vote for Obama for school board.

    I’m not all about Chicano power, but this is one of about three times in my entire life that I have been racially insulted. Growing up in San Antonio probably helped.

    If you want to talk about hypocrites, then you need to include Obama in it.

    On a slightly different note…if you want to talk even more about hypocrisy…look at Obama’s different views on racist remarks. Look at his treatment of Imus and Lott vs. his responses to Wright.


  3. James Pate says:

    Thanks for the information, Yvette. A lot of what you said is why I won’t vote for Obama. He does strike me as rather balanced in his book, but, as you said, he votes party line.

    For the whole Wright deal, I didn’t have a big problem with that, since Obama can take what he likes and leave the rest. But, you’re right, he should have applied that standard to Imus as well.


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