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Obama on Faith

I read the chapter on faith in Obama’s Audacity of Hope. It moved me to tears at some points, as when he talked about the time he reached out to peaceful pro-life demonstrators at one of his rallies, or the … Continue reading

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It Means Be Ready!

I was reading the parable of the ten virgins yesterday (see Matthew 25:1-13), in which there are five wise virgins and five foolish virgins. The five foolish ones took no oil with them when they went out to wait for … Continue reading

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Here’s the Worse Part…

The AP has a news story today entitled “Gay Marriage Opponents Vow to Fight California Ruling” (see here). It’s about the recent California Supreme Court decision that recognizes gay marriage. As if the decision isn’t bad enough, here are some … Continue reading

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John Schneider and Asperger’s

I absolutely love Smallville. I can watch those shows over and over! As a matter of fact, I do watch those shows over and over (while I’m doing constructive things, of course). Well, for the first five seasons, John Schneider … Continue reading

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Obama on Reagan’s Foreign Policy, WMDs, and Democracy

I just finished Obama’s chapter on foreign policy in Audacity of Hope (“The World Beyond Our Borders”). There are many things that I can say about several of Obama’s points. But, today, I want to focus on four of his … Continue reading

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