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How’d They Cover THAT?

Ever since I read Scot McKnight’s A Community Called Atonement, I’ve been visiting his web site every now and then. One post there that has gotten a lot of responses is God’s Wrath: A Question. Basically, it concerns a Christian … Continue reading

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Freedom and Health Care

After I wrote my recent post on Roots, Episode 4 (see Before the Storms Hit…), I thought about the whole issue of freedom. The slaves did not have freedom, for they were totally subject to the will of their master. … Continue reading

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Hillary’s a Flip-Flopping Hypocrite

The AP has a good story this morning, entitled, “‘Last stand’ for Clinton at Democratic meeting “(see here). I haven’t been closely following the whole broo-ha-ha about the Michigan and Florida delegates, so I was happy that this article offered … Continue reading

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More on Armstrongism, Christmas

I’ve been informed this morning, by my mom and my Aunt C., that Armstrong didn’t come up with that Santa Claus and Jesus argument–you know, the one that says kids who believe in Santa Claus and find out he’s not … Continue reading

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Armstrong on 7th Heaven?

Oh, I have one more thing to mention before I turn off my computer. I’m in the tenth season of 7th Heaven, and I just saw the Christmas episode, which is probably the most Christian episode of the whole series. … Continue reading

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Before the Storms Hit…

Well, I’m supposed to be getting some thunderstorms tonight, and that may knock out my power, so I’ll get my blog written as quickly as I can. I’m watching episode 4 of Roots right now, the one in which Mike … Continue reading

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Me and Prayer

I want to expand on what I said in How Many Times Was I Saved?, and I will discuss my prayer life in the process. Which salvation experience do I count as my true entrance into Christianity? I would say … Continue reading

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At the Library

I’m at the public library right now, and I checked out four books: 1. David Jay Johnston, Free Lunch: How the Wealthiest Americans Enrich Themselves at Government Expense (And Stick You with the Bill) (New York: Portfolio, 2007). This book … Continue reading

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How Many Times Was I Saved?

I’m currently reading The 10 Commandments of Dating, by Ben Young and Dr. Samuel Adams (Nashville: Thomas Nelson, 1999). Today, I want to engage its definition of a Christian. The deal is this: Young and Adams say that Christians should … Continue reading

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Memorial Day 2008

When people talk about the soldiers who have given their lives for freedom in America, I wish that they’d elaborate. I mean, Saddam Hussein didn’t threaten to conquer the United States. Neither did Al Qaeda. They couldn’t take us over … Continue reading

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