My Moses Marathon

The last Day of Unleavened Bread is tomorrow (I think), and I haven’t really thought much about the Exodus. Last year, I did a Moses marathon, in which I watched a bunch of Moses movies. I’ll try that this year as well. I have Cecil B. Demille’s The Ten Commandments, The Prince of Egypt, Moses (with Ben Kingsley), Moses (with Burt Lancaster), and The Ten Commandments (with Dourgay Scott). Which will I watch first? I’m hesitant to start with my favorite (the Charlton Heston one), since I prefer to save the best for later. But I don’t want to save it for last, for then I’d be burnt out on Moses movies and wouldn’t get the emotional high I usually get out of it. Decisions, decisions!

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My name is James Pate. This blog is about my journey. I read books. I watch movies and TV shows. I go to church. I try to find meaning. And, when I can’t do that, I just talk about stuff that I find interesting. I have degrees in fields of religious studies. I have an M.Phil. in the History of Biblical Interpretation from Hebrew Union College in Cincinnati, Ohio. I also have an M.A. in Hebrew Bible from Jewish Theological Seminary, an M.Div. from Harvard Divinity School, and a B.A. from DePauw University.
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3 Responses to My Moses Marathon

  1. Pascalian Awakenings says:

    There is a fairly recent animated version of “The Ten Commandments.” Recently I saw part of it , and it was very good.


  2. Felix Taylor says:

    The late, great Charlton Heston—hands down! He is incomparable! Period! Enjoy your marathon and the Holy Day season!


  3. James Pate says:

    Hey Yvette!

    I’ve not seen it, and most of the comments I’ve heard about it have been bad. But people said that the Dourgay Scott Ten Commandments was bad, and I loved that movie.

    Hi Felix!

    Yeah, I agree with you, even though my Moses Awards go to people on other Moses movies this year.


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