My Dream about the Clintons

I’ve just spent several days reading Sally Bedell Smith’s For Love of Politics: Bill and Hillary Clinton: The White House Years, so I’m not that surprised that I had a dream about the Clintons last night.

In my dream, I was getting my hair cut by a woman who cut my hair when I was a kid, only I wasn’t in her place of business but in a much larger establishment. I think I may have passed the place when I lived in Boston. Well, she passed me on to someone else, and that woman couldn’t cut my hair, for some reason.

In the next scene, I was sitting on a sofa in a circle with other people, including Bill and Hillary, who were sitting across from each other. Bill was talking about how Hillary recently had a physical illness, and he felt sorry for her because he cared about her. He had tears in his eyes. I rolled my eyes in disbelief. Eventually, I decided to enter the conversation. I began to speak, and everyone was looking at me intently, probably because I hadn’t yet said anything in that conversation.

“So how do you guys feel about being blown out by Obama?” I asked.

Bill and Hillary laughed. “Well, I don’t think we’re being ‘blown out,’ do you Hillary?”

“Yeah, I guess you guys are close in the number of delegates you each have,” I replied.

As the conversation went on, Bill said to me, “You know, you and I are the only Republicans in this room.”

“You’re a Republican?” I said, astonished.

“Well, yes. I’m past middle aged, and I have a big belly, so I fit the Republican profile,” Bill said.

Bill then talked about how conservative he was. “You know, I opposed the teaching of evolution in Arkansas public schools,” he said (which I’m sure is not true, but this is what I dreamed).

We then talked about the Supreme Court. Bill mused, “You know, I just appoint justices and let them do what they want. I actually think it’s good if they do their own thing, including ruin the country.”

“Yeah,” I responded, “but you should do research into their records before you appoint them to the Supreme Court. I mean, what was up with that Ruth Bader Ginsburg?”

“She’s a likable person,” Bill said.

“Yeah, she has a certain charm to her,” I responded. “She reminds me of this Jewish professor I once had. But she’s so liberal. She was once in the ACLU. And what about that other guy you appointed. What’s his name? Breyer?”

“Guyer,” Clinton corrected me. Actually, I realized I was right when I woke up: it’s Breyer. And I was disappointed when I did wake up, since my conversation with Bill was rather enjoyable. By contrast, when I dreamed about Cheney a few weeks ago, the Vice-President kind of blew me off, even though I’m a fan of his.

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