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Reactions to Last Night’s Debate

I try to watch as many Presidential debates as I can. That’s one way for me to learn what’s going on in the world. But when I was looking at the channel guide and saw that the South Carolina Democratic … Continue reading

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Martin Luther King Day 2008

Growing up in rural Indiana, I didn’t always hear positive things about Martin Luther King, Jr. If memory serves me correctly, I don’t even think we got the day off every single year. But he has managed to confront me … Continue reading

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Kill It! Kill It!

Several years ago, I was reading the Book of Joshua for my daily quiet time. Like a lot of Christians (from Origen to Chuck Missler), I interpreted the Conquest in light of spiritual warfare, which is the Christian’s battle against … Continue reading

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Jesus’ Nature

At church this last Sunday, the priest once more discussed the nature of Jesus. According to him, Jesus did not find out that he was God at any particular point in his life; rather, he always knew about his divinity, … Continue reading

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Religion and the Rain Dance

Throughout the Hebrew Bible, there is an emphasis on agriculture. Obey God, and he will send you rain and crops; disobey, and you will experience drought and famine. Several Jewish holidays (e.g., Rosh Hoshanah, Yom Kippur, Sukkot, etc.) center around … Continue reading

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Filling in Some Economic Gaps

I’m not much of an economist. This week, I’ve been looking at articles about whether or not government spending and the deficit hurt the economy. To be honest, I didn’t understand them that much. A lot of the articles (even … Continue reading

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11 Years, No Growth?

Last night, I was reading Hosea 7:14-16 for my daily quiet time. Essentially, the passage says that the Israelites do not cry out to God from their hearts, but they wail on their beds and cut themselves for grain and … Continue reading

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Seeing the Bright Side, and Then Not

Yesterday, I talked about some of my problems with Christianity in light of my Asperger’s Syndrome. Today, I want to discuss Christianity’s assets. I may contradict some of what I said yesterday, but, hopefully, my readers have come to expect … Continue reading

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Where Do I Stand?

One of my problems as I struggle with Asperger’s Syndrome is this: I don’t know where I stand with people. Many with Asperger’s like neat categories, and they want clear goals that they can reasonably attain. For example, in school, … Continue reading

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Hosea vs. Dtr

This has been a long day, so please excuse any incoherence or roughness in this post. Potential job interviewers who are looking at my blog: please read one of my earlier posts. For my daily quiet time, I am currently … Continue reading

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