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Movie Write-Up: Grace Unplugged

I watched a Christian movie a few days ago: Grace Unplugged, which came out in 2013.  Although the movie is Christian, Lionsgate Films and Roadside Attractions released it, and they release a lot of secular movies. The movie is about … Continue reading

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Jesus ben Sira on Hanging Out with the Rich and Generosity

Some Jesus ben Sira passages stood out to me yesterday and today.  Allow me to quote  and to comment. 1.    Sirach 13:9-10 states (in the NRSV): “When an influential person invites you, be reserved, and he will invite you … Continue reading

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Today’s Entertainment Trends

I’ve been thinking about entertainment trends recently.  Not long ago, I referred to Rosie O’Donnell’s statement on The View that disgraced actor Stephen Collins was this generation’s Michael Landon.  That made me think about whether this generation even has a … Continue reading

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This Generation’s Michael Landon?

I had The View on yesterday for a couple of minutes.  The ladies were talking about the Stephen Collins scandal.  Rosie O’Donnell said that the allegations were shocking because Stephen Collins was this generation’s Michael Landon. Was Stephen Collins this … Continue reading

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Brick Tries to Make Friends

I watched the latest episode of The Middle.  Brick tries to make friends.  And this time, he’s not doing so because his Mom or his therapist want him to do that.  He’s doing so because he wants to do that.  … Continue reading

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The Actor and the Role

I have the first five seasons of 7th Heaven.  It’s been a year-or-so since I’ve watched the show, but I’m a fan.  And I would say that my favorite character was Eric Camden, the father and pastor.  I liked Annie … Continue reading

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Frozen, Once Upon a Time, Elizabeth Mitchell

I watched the Disney movie Frozen last week, since the TV series Once Upon a Time is focusing on the Frozen characters this season.  Watching Frozen certainly enhanced my appreciation of last Sunday’s episode!  I understood why Anna was going … Continue reading

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